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10ft Containers for Sale

Good Value New and Used 10ft Containers Delivered Fast

Approximate 10ft container dimensions:


  • External length: 9ft 10½”
  • External height: 8ft 6″
  • External width: 8ft
Here’s what you’ll get when you request a 10ft container quote from us:

There’s probably 2 things on your mind right now.

  1. Where can I find a reasonably priced 10ft container?
  2. How do I make sure it’s not in bad condition?

Introducing the “World Sea Containers Guarantee.”

When you buy a new or used 10ft container from us it comes with a best value price guarantee.


Every single container we supply is checked for quality.

We even repaint our used 10ft containers so it’ll look great if you’re buying second hand too.

Request an online quote now – takes less than a minute.

Save £100 on 10ft storage containers

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Extra secure storage with a free lockbox fitted as standard

Best value container price guaranteed, or we'll match it

9 national depots for quick and easy delivery

London, Essex, Felixstowe Suffolk, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Cannock, and Coatbridge.
Buyer feedback rating

Superb delivery driver, was careful to put the container exactly where needed with extreme precision.

Norman Johnson

We’ll Even Repaint Your 10ft Container In The Colour you Want, So It Fits Right In

FREE lockbox gives you more security for your things

When you buy a 10ft container from us it comes fitted with a lockbox as standard, this helps protect your padlock from tampering,

Special offer: 50% off CISA insurance rated padlocks today.

Request a quote now and we’ll save the discount for you until you’re ready to buy.

Customise your 10ft container the way you want

In case you need it our container conversion workshops will take care of any modifications, such as:


  • Lighting
  • Shelving
  • Anti-condensation coating
  • Insulation

Repainting is included so it'll look great even if you are buying second hand

We repaint the exterior of your second hand 10ft container as standard – you can even choose the colour.

Or, buy new (shipped once from factory) 10ft’s in green or blue.


96% of customers would recommend us (2015 survey)

Our first container purchase and felt comfortable right the way through. Wish delivery could have cost less but we are in middle of nowhere so can’t be helped. Thanks again.

You Can Rely On Our Containers To Be In Sound Condition
Because We Check Them Before Delivery To You
3 reasons you can trust us to deliver a container you won’t be disappointed with
Buying something you haven’t seen in real life can be a concern – because trying to return it is often a hassle you don’t need.

So here’s 3 things we’ll do to take the worry away:

  • World Sea Containers welcome you to visit any of our local UK depots and see the containers for yourself.

And if you can’t make it we’ll do 2 extra things…


  • You’ll get clear images of typical containers for sale in our stock
  • We check the container from top to bottom before delivery to make sure it’s completely sound
Popular Questions About The 10ft Container
What are the dimensions of a 10ft container?
  • External length: 9ft 10½”
  • External height: 8ft 6″
  • External width: 8ft


How long does delivery take?
Delivery can usually be made within 3-5 days but sometimes even sooner,
Which colours do you have?
If you’re buying a used 10ft storage container we can repaint it in almost any colour you wish. Our new build 10ft’s are green or blue.
Have another question? Call us on 0207 193 9734 and we will get it answered for you straight away
Best Value Container Price Guaranteed