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Best value 40ft container price guarantee

Great quality - even if you're buying second hand 40ft containers

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Approximate 40ft Container Dimensions:

External length: 40ft
External height (standard 40ft) 8′ 6″
External height (40ft high cube) 9′ 6″
External width: 8ft

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Urgent delivery was needed and you made it happen within 24 hours. Very happy and thank you to Oscar..
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You want to buy a second hand container but you’re worried about the condition it might be in.

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Any container we supply comes with a rock solid guarantee that it’ll arrive at your site 100% wind and watertight.


We check the container over before it goes out to you (i.e. making sure the doors open and close properly.)

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We build our new 40ft containers with more steel, this helps to reduce the onset of advanced corrosion and can keep your container looking better for longer.

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Whether it’s the container or the service, our recipe for keeping you happy has always been to give you more than you’d expect.

Common Questions About 40ft Containers
What are the dimensions of a 40ft container?
Standard 40ft

  • External length: 40ft
  • External height: 8ft 6″
  • External width: 8ft

40ft high cube

  • External length: 40ft
  • External height: 9ft 6″
  • External width: 8ft
How long does delivery take?
Delivery can usually be made within 3-5 days but sometimes even sooner,
Which colours do you have?
You can usually buy our new 40ft containers in green or blue. Our used containers are a mixture of colours, plus we offer a repainting service too.

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40ft container
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